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Address: No. 22, Kamal-ol-Molk Street, Baharestan Sq, Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1149913311

Heritage hostel is Close to Baharestan Square as well as Baharestan Station. You will find Kamal-ol-Molk Street with his statue at the beginning of the street just outside of Baharestan Metro Station. Kamal-ol-Molk Street is also less than 100 meters above Baharestan Square which you can find shared taxi and buses to different parts of the town. We are located in the middle of Kamal-ol-Molk Street No. 22.

Tehran Stations

Take Metro Red Line towards Tajrish from Terminal-e-Jonub Station to Emam Khomeini Station. Change Line to Dark Blue line towards Farhangsara from Emam Khomeini Station to Baharestan Station.

1. You can get a short tax ride to Moslla Metro station and take Red Line towards Kahrizak to Emam Khomeini Station. Then change to Dark Blue line to Baharestan Station.
2. You can also take shared taxis to Hafte-Tir Square. There are shared taxis south part of Hafte-Tir Square to Baharestan Square.

Take Metro Yellow line towards Shahid Kolahdooz from Meydan-e Azadi station to Darvazeh Shemiran Station where you have to change to Dark Blue line towards Sadeghiye to Baharestan Station.


1. You can take yellow line to Darvaze Shemiran station and then change to Dark Blue line to Baharestan Station.
2. You can take Airport Taxis.

You take Airport Taxis. You can show our address in Persian (Below) in case there are not good in English.
Address: No 22, Kamal-ol-Molk St. , Safi Alishah St. , Baharestan Square .
آدرس : میدان بهارستان ، خیابان صفی علیشاه ، خیابان کمال الملک ، پلاک 22